Private Warnemuende Berlin Tour: direct from the cruise ship to the capital

„Berlin is a Myth. The Airlift, the Wall, the Cold War, the Reunion, those topics are worldwide well known.” Nico Hofmann, German Director (1959-*)

Themes of our private Warnemuende Berlin Tour: Private transfer from Warnemuende to Berlin and back – Overview of the Mayor highlights of Berlin, multicultural & urban life in Berlin, Topics as Nazism, WW2, Third Reich, Resistance,East – West Berlin, Berlin Wall, reunification … adapted to your own personal wishes!

Tour description of your private shore excursion to Berlin

See more than the shore! Berlin is just a few hours away. It might seem difficult to organise a private Warnemunde Berlin tour, and with reason: one has to engage a bus with a reliable and experienced driver, find a skilled tour guide, locate delicious restaurants and the key sights in the city… We have the experience to make it easy. After years of organising private tours to Berlin we know the city inside and out, and are perfectly positioned to arrange a lovely day for you!

Warnemünde Berlin Tour - private transfer
150 minutes away from your cruise ship waits one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. Berlin is worth a shore excursion from Warnemunde. The only thing you have to do is to walk off your ship and meet your private van or bus driver in front of your cruise ship. After 2 1/2 hours you will arrive in Berlin, where your personal tour guide will be waiting for you.


Warnemünde Berlin Tour - private guided tours
We also offer a number of alternative itineraries perfect for people who have already visited Berlin: Discover Jewish Berlin on a private tour. Learn about the final days of World War II on our Battle of Berlin Tour. Include a visit to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, Jewish Museum or Pergamon Museum in your private Warnemunde Berlin Tour. Please contact us so we can find out what your personal point of interest could be.

Meeting at the ship & return

Private Warnemünde Berlin Tour
Meet in front of the boat harbor Warnemünde. Our driver is waiting at the appointed time at berth in Port Warnemunde. We are waiting in front of your ship – right after you pass customs. The driver is holding a sign with “Humboldt Tours Berlin” and your name. You can not miss it. For safety reasons, you will be given a phone number where you can reach the organizer 24/7! After 800 Warnemunde Berlin tours, we can guarantee that the tour is carried out without problems.

We plan the day tour in order for you to get comfortable and return stress free back to your ship. Do not be afraid to miss your ship – our organizing team has everything under control. And is taking care of everything.

Guide & Vehicle

Our private guide will make your stay a special Berlin experience. You will not only be impressed with their expertise (all are academics, many trained historian) and personality, but have a very strong regional link (many born in Berlin, all at least 15 years living in Berlin)!

Some points of interest on your private Berlin tour

You will discover many places of interest on your Private Berlin Sightseeing Tour. Here a small selection:


Warnemünde Berlin Tour - private guided tours
Built as a parliament building for the 2nd German Empire, now the seat of the German parliament. THE central place of German history: from the proclamation of the republic in 1918 to the  “Reichstag Fire” of 1933, to the storming of the building by the Red Army in 1945.

Behind the building stood the wall until 1989. Today, after a fundamental renovation of the building, a glass dome symbolizes the new, transparent Germany. And what happened to the two masters that did create the lettering above the main entrance: “To the German People”?

Brandenburge Gate

Warnemünde Berlin Tour - Brandenburg Gate
THE emblem of Berlin, the gateway to the city! The neoclassical city gate, built in the time of the French Revolution, as in Prussia prevailed strict censorship, was with his “Quadriga” the pride of the Prussian state. Napoleon was the ‘horse thief of Berlin’ as he took the above horses to Paris in 1806. But the Prussians turned it into a tit for tat… Many rulers and their soldiers marched through the gate. Today the gate is a symbol of the German reunification in 1990…

Memorials of the Berlin Wall

Private Warnemünde Berlin Tour - Berlin Wall
The Berlin Wall, built by the GDR regime on August 13th, 1961, eventually led to the division of Berlin into a democratic West and a dictatorial East. It was only on November 9th, 1989, after more than 28 years, that the division of the city was abolished by the fall of the wall.

Peter Fechter & Check Point Charlie

Private Warnemünde Berlin Tour - Checkpoint Charlie
A brown mark indicates today the spot where Peter Fechter was shot on August 17th, 1962. Right next to it: the famous border to the American sector to East Berlin. Experience the historical significance of the place and feel the drama of the moment, as here – during one of the most dangerous crises of the “Cold War” – the tank columns of the Soviet Union and the United States faced each other…

Lustgarten (Pleasure Garden)

Private Warnemünde Berlin Tour - Lustgarten
Formerly the baroque garden of the City Palace, it is, with the pompous Berlin Cathedral and the Old Museum, a major work of the most famous Berlin architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Here were once numerous palaces, one of them is being rebuilt. Which one? And why exactly that one?

Forum Fridericianum

Warnemünde Berlin Tour - Forum Fridericanum
One of the most important addresses of enlightened Prussian spirit and Berliner culture, designed by one of the most famous Berliners of all times, the Prussian king Frederick the Great. Discover the impressive Opera House, the “Staatsoper Unter den Linden”, the Catholic St. Hedwig’s Cathedral and the famous Humboldt University with the main building and law school, the former library of the “Old Fritz”. And do not overlook the underground memorial to the barbaric burning of books, which was organized by the Nazis in 1933 in this place of education and tolerance.

German Ministry of Finance

Warnemünde Berlin Tour - Ministry of Finance
The building was built in 1936 as the Air Ministry for Hermann Goering. It survived the war almost unscathed and served the GDR as a “House of Ministries”. On June 17th, 1953 did Soviet tanks shot here on the protesting East German workers. In the 90s, stood here the seat of the “Trust Company”.

Today it is the Ministry of Finance. The building itself has not visibly changed. Yet, over the year, it has changed its interior so much…


2.1.1 Marx Engels Forum - Berliner Stadtrundfahrt
The remarkably modest monument in honor of the fathers of communism, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, who watch still today on the social justice in the country… From here you have a good view of Europe’s highest TV tower, at the time the symbol of victorious communism. What about the golden cross on the TV tower?

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Private Warnemünde Berlin Tour - Holocaust Memorial
The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (Holocaust Memorial) was built from 2003 to 2005 and intends to commemorate the Jews murdered in the Holocaust under the rule of the Nazis.

The structure consists of concrete blocks (steles) and extends over an area of approximately 19,000 m² in the vicinity of the Brandenburg Gate, in the historical center of Berlin. It was designed by Peter Eisenman.

Topograhy of Terror

Private Warnemünde Berlin Tour - Topography of Terrors
Here is the site of the SS and Gestapo headquarters. Here ‘interrogated’ the SA political opponents of the Nazis in 1933. From here, the system of concentration camps and extermination camp was commanded. The cellars are dug up again, a museum and documentation center was built…

But why, we ask, among others, has “the West” then almost all remnants of this building after the Second World War cleanly eliminated?


PRivate Warnemünde Berlin Tour - Gendarmenmarkt
The Gendarmenmarkt is one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin. Three fascinating buildings give him his character: the German Cathedral, the French Cathedral and the Concert hall (formerly Playhouse). The changing history of the Gendarmenmarkt can be traced back to the 17th century – the Schiller Monument of Reinhold Begas can be admired there again.

Charlottenburg Palace

The Charlottenburg Palace was built in the years 1695 to 1699 according to the plans of the architect J. Arnold Nering. It was initially thought as a small garden and summer residence for the wife of Elector Frederick III, Sophie Charlotte. After WW2 the conservators needed two decades to rebuild the ensemble.

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