Our Team for your private tours and events

Here is a selection of our team of private guides and drivers – and of course your personal travel designers.

We believe that traveling is not just seeing monuments, but discovering another culture and another way of life. Be part of our private tours gives you a very special to understand our city and country.

Management & Travel Designer

I have experienced a hearty hospitality all over the world. Since the end of 2005 I am organizing private tours in Berlin. I got inspired by Berlin’s famous son Alexander v. Humboldt and his way to discover & explore the New World in a century of conquering & exploitation.

Ever since my goal is to make our guests feel at ease and personally taken care & welcome! Being a studied engineer I really enjoy organizing and creating new itineraries & tours & events. 

Born and raised in Paris area, I have always loved traveling. From America to New Zealand, I had the chance to set foot on 5 continents, live in different countries and make beautiful encounters at the end of the world. I’ve always had a great joy in organizing trips whether for holidays, humanitarian or professional purposes.

After 10 years of experience working in Public Affairs in France, where I had the opportunity to arrange important meetings, organize national events and work in political communication, I joined Humboldt Tours Berlin, where I contribute to the development of new concept tours & events, organize professional and VIP meetings in original venue, always in the frame of high quality travel.

Our Guides

Your private guide Nadin
I was born in East Berlin at the time of the German division. My father was a natural storyteller who told history through the guise of tales. Growing up, I experienced many changes in Berlin: the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city’s “growing pains ” during the 1990s, and the dizzying boom in recent years.

In Berlin every street seems to be loaded with history, stored in the many layers that come to light only to vanish just as quickly. I soon learned the value of storytelling: this makes even the most mundane places to come to life. I decided to study history and German literature at Berlin’s Humboldt University, with the goal of working in the field of public history. Now that I’m working on my PhD, I enjoy telling travelers stories about my great hometown.

Discover Berlin with your private guide Sebastian
I was born in communist East-Berlin and when the wall came down I was a teenager. The revolution of 1989 I saw on the streets of Berlin. Soon I used my newly gained freedom and traveled extensively.

During the 1990th I studied history and music at Humboldt University Berlin and I now hold a M.A. in both subjects.Beside my activities as a tour guide I am writing for several papers as a freelance journalist. For enjoyment only I play the piano in several bands.

For all those reasons I am more than familiar with culture and history of Berlin. I like sharing my passion for my city with travelers from allover the world. I like meeting the world here in Berlin and often the conversations are an enrichment for me. And I hope they might be interesting for you too.

I was born in West Germany and I am part oft he late post-war-generation. To not have to do military service, I became a citizen of West Berlin. I settled right down into the middle oft the flourishing art distict Kreuzberg and became one the Kreuzberg comedian performers. I travelled and performed all over the world, grew tired of it and since 10 years I am a professional Berlin tour guide. My actor skills fit very well into this line of work. If you wish to have a wonderful day and like to crack a smile once in a while, than I am supposed to be your guide.

Your local expert in Berlin
“I show you this town as insider and native Berliner.
As the capital of the reunited Germany Berlin is growing again. Berlin did, does and will create suspense….
No city in Europe reflects so clearly the transformations in politics, arts and culture of the last 100 Years in Europe as Berlin does. East-West-Berlin survived its partition as microcosm of the younger European history and is today the gate and field of German reunification.
You can find Berliners who grew up in the East or West of the divided city, I have lived and experienced both sites of the then walled city, this makes me a rare and unique insider to the Cold War period of Berlin. I will show you the “typical Berlin flair” of present and past on either site.”

Your private guide in Berlin
” I’m a born and bred West Berliner. My childhood holidays always used to start with the tense drive along the transit route, crossing the GDR to get from West Berlin to West Germany and back. After the fall of the Wall I discovered the other side of my Berlin city and since then I have been fascinated by the whole of Berlin and its unique history. I’m leading tours around Berlin for nearly 10 years now, covering all aspects of the city´s history while providing tips and insider knowledge from the perspective of a true Berliner!”

Your private guide in Berlin
“Originally from northern Germany, I have lived in Berlin since 1986- so I have experienced the changed and the development of the city in the last 3 decades. I like to show Berlin and its underlying contradictions to guests from all over the world- In daily life working in the media industry, the focus of my tours lies on our history, culture and architecture. Further  I will also present the contemporary live which includes shopping, bars and restaurants and the life-style. And this part of the city changes all the time-a challenge and fascinating for me as well.”
Your private guide in French“from Paris, in Berlin since 1991.
I have been guiding in Berlin and Potsdam since 2012, in French, English and German.
My tours cover:
Royal Prussian Berlin and Potsdam, the french Huguenots, World War II, Jewish life in Berlin, the Cold War and the German Division, Street Art and Subcultures. Through my work at the Stasimuseum Berlin, my specialties have become the Berlin of spies and the SED dictatorship in the former GDR, as well as the thrilling period following Reunification.”
Born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1948, I grew up in Bonn and Berlin and also spent a year in the United States. I studied history and English at the Stockholm University and TU Berlin, earning a German M.A. in history and English. After studying history with a focus on Germany in the first half of the twentieth century, I was always interested in Berlin, the city where most of the important political decisions were made. As a resident of West Berlin, however, I did not easily get to see the East – so once the infamous Berlin Wall finally fell, I immediately set out to freely explore “the other half” of the city…Five years ago, I decided to make more out of my hobby, and began working as a Berlin guide. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made, as it is an extremely enjoyable job – I just love sharing all those interesting facts and stories about my favourite city with visitors from all over the world.”

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