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Who we are and why private guided tours?

Björn and Patrick are the owners of Humboldt Tours Berlin.

" We love travelling and to meet and understand other cultures. We lived also in Belgium, Italy and England for some years - and know how  important it is to feel welcome in a new city.  We both started our career as an engnineer, but switched to travel several years back thinking it would be important  to make our passion to our profession.

We believe that traveling is not just seeing monuments, but discovering another culture and another way of life. Our private guided tours Berlin are a life changing experience. We will create a perfectly organized travel experience  - you have always our number to contact us. We take care!

We offer many individualized private guided tours in Berlin:  in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. We strive to use captivating stories to show our guests the past as well as everyday life in contemporary Berlin. We design each of our tours with this maxim in mind.

Discover, experience and enjoy the most important attractions of our city with these select and enthusiastic Berlin historians, architects and art historians: from the impressive relics of the city founded during the Middle Ages to the pageantry of the Prussian Baroque. From the dignity of the classical symbol of the city to the magnificent facades of the Wilhelminian Empire. You can find all in our private guided tour in Berlin!

On our tours you can experience first-hand movements like Expressionism and the modern reform settlements of the Weimar Republic, the intimidation of National Socialist architecture, the posturing and repressive structures of communist Germany, and testimonies bearing witness to Jewish life through the centuries.

Get to know the Berlin of today with the city’s impressive contemporary art and culture, including its modern architecture dating from the fall of the Berlin Wall. Trips through the great museums of Berlin are also on our program. We offer tours on a variety of topics – be convinced by the expertise, commitment and the individuality of our tours and guides.

Book one of our private guided tours Berlin!

Guide & Vehicle on our private guided tours in Berlin

Our private guide will make your stay a special Berlin experience. You will not only be impressed with their expertise (all are academics, many trained historian) and personality, but have a very strong regional link (many born in Berlin, all at least 15 years living in Berlin)!

Why is our private guided tours in Berlin so special?

We pick you up at your hotel and design a tour and schedule for your personal interest, thus saving you the fuss and hustle to organize yourself a sightseeing tour. Our personalized focus enables you to ask as many questions as you like, stop for a snack whenever you please and discover Berlin at your own pace.

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Tour options for guided tours

  • Contents of the tour are adapted to your needs
  • Transport: private walking tour (possibly with public transportation), VAN tour, bus tour or bike tour
  • Duration: 3-8 hours (can also be spanned over several day in case of focus on specific content)

Our proposition for max 6 persons

  • Mercedes VAN Tour (driver + guide)
  • Meeting point: in your hotel
  • Start time: 9 am
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Price: 600€ with VAT

Our proposition for max 14 persons

  • Private bus tour (Driver + Guide)
  • Meeting point: in your hotel
  • Start time: 10 am
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: 960€ with VAT

Additional services

  • Reservation in special restaurants or bars
  • Hotel booking
  • Pickup at the airport (at the gate)
  • Transfer services


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