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„Time is only an empty room - incidents, thoughts & emotions create the content.” Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767-1835)

Tour Guide Service

If you need a guide as for a bus tour through Berlin, a city walk or a visit to the museum, then we are also the right partner for you. Our team is characterized by a high degree of professionalism and competence. And, of course, we also organize guided tours in several languages (Arabic, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, for example)

Topics on request

We believe that traveling is not just seeing monuments, but discovering another culture and another way of life. It is a life changing experience.   We love to show you OUR cities!

We lead tours based on our knowledge and experience. It is our main aim to convince our guests that Berlin’s history is not just history, but a thrilling story. For us history is nothing hidden – we talk about things we know. But sometimes people have specific questions, topics or epochs they would like to know more about. For those individuals and groups, we are happy to research a new tour and design a new route.

2.6. Guide & Recherche - Ihre persönliche Berlin Recherche
Leopold von Ranke, one of Germany’s most famous historians, once described the main principle of history: history should “show what actually happened”. That’s what we do when we do research, finding out “what actually happened” and sharing it with you.

Some examples of individual tours & researched topics

Wars and Politics I. – the Final Battle in Berlin 1945

2.1.9. Kriegsschäden in Berlin - private Führung Schlacht um Berlin
More than 5 years ago a group of American military historians came to Berlin and asked us whether we could do a ‘Battle of Berlin’ Tour. At the beginning we hesitated because none of us had ever done it. But we got curious about the topic and started to ask questions like:

  • Who fought and suffered in the streets?
  • What happened to these people?
  • Why did they fight?
  • Which strategies and aims did the generals have?

To describe “what actually happened” we started with existing books on the subject. We then dug through archives to find original maps and pictures. Finally we went into the streets where troops fought to find traces of the Battle of Berlin. We put it all together and discussed it with one another. As the topic is so important for Berlin and the German history, we have since turned it into one of our regular tours.

Wars and Politics II. – Battles of Frederick the Great

Recently a military group wanted a Battle of Berlin Tour and a Potsdam Tour. Not just the usual tour, a little extra. Here is what they got:

  • “Starting at Sanssouci, the famous palace of Frederick the Great, our walk through the magnificent garden and its many relations to Prussian history will be interrupted by sessions to study together the most famous battles of Frederick the Great, looking at his plans of action.
  • Our time in Potsdam will end at Schloß Cecilienhof where Stalin, Truman, and Churchill/Attlee met for the Potsdam Conference.
  • At Cecilienhof we’ll discuss WWII and the time after, including the beginning of the Cold War, the division of Germany and the use of the atomic bomb.”

Berlin: Traces of Reunification

One of our East Berlin historians did research for an international group of doctors from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) on the legacy of reunification.

2.4.1 Marx Engels Forum - Berliner Stadtrundfahrt
A short overview:

  • One finds signs of reunification all over Berlin Mitte, where the legacy of the downfall of the DDR under the new reunified Germany is most pronounced.
  • Beginning with Marx-Engles Forum, the monument to the political independence of the DDR, the tour will travel past the Palace of the Republic to Museum Island.
  • On the island we’ll present not only the new German version of this piece of world cultural heritage; this is also the residence of the east German Chancellor of the reunited state.
  • Additional stations on the tour include Humboldt University, the American Embassy, which once stood in East Berlin, and the Palace of Tears.
  • We’ll continue down the Spree to the government district, ending with the Reichstag, the Bundeskanzleramt (home and workplace of Angela Merkel) and the much-discussed Childcare Centre for the German Parliament.

Americans & Germans in Berlin

For an exchange group invited by the American Embassy, we researched the evolving relationship of American and Germans in Berlin.

2.4.1 Holocaust-Denkmal - privater Stadtspaziergang
In brief: Our tour started with an overview of the modern American-German relationship and its beginning in 1918 when American president Woodrow Wilson proposed the most reasonable and liberal idea of any of the Allies about how to deal with the Germans after WWI. The tour continued down Friedrichstrasse with a discussion of the twenties and American artists in Berlin, past Humboldt University with insights into the relationship between American and German scientists, and across Bebelplatz, the site of the Nazi book-burning, to Gendarmenmarkt. We also included places like the Axel-Springer Building, where in 1968 intense protests by young Germans against the American war in Vietnam took place.

How did it come to pass that so many young Germans disliked the U.S. after their parents survived the Berlin blockade in 1949 only because of the American airlift? We discussed the role of the Americans during the Cold War and saw a piece of the original Berlin Wall. After passing the site of Hitler’s former bunker and the Holocaust Memorial created by NY architect Peter Eisenman, we ended our tour at the new American embassy.

Feedback on the Tour “Americans & Germans in Berlin” for the American Embassy, invited guest & Mrs. Essink: “First of all, I want to thank you again for inviting me for this tour! I stayed only a big hour but I can tell you that I loved this tour!!!! The guide is perfect in English of course but he shows interests people, he does not say TOO MUCH but the most interesting!”

Special Neighbourhood Tour

For the 40th birthday of a good friend of his, a teacher asked us to prepare a tour in the area where that friend grew up. One of our guides went into libraries and second-hand bookshops, searching for texts, pictures, any relevant information. What happened was what always happens when one starts to research local history of Berlin – we found masses of stories. It was a great tour!

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