Districts of Berlin – private guided tour through Berlin’s neighborhoods and districts

Discover with our private local guide a special district in Berlin. Private guided tour.

Themes of our private neighborhood tour are for example… multiculturalism & integration in Neukölln; a private bike tour to and around Tempelhof Field; History & gentrification in Prenzlauer Berg; former focal point & migration & street art in Kreuzberg; old charm & history & the New West in Charlottenburg… (feel free to ask us for more).

Your personal guide and your neighborhood tour

2.1.8. Görlitzer Park - Kreuzberg & Neukölln Führung
Join us on an exciting private guided tour and learn more about one of Berlin’s famous neighborhoods. One of our Berlin Guides will show with background knowledge and personal anecdotal his favorite neighborhood or the one he resides in. Discuss with us about gentrification or immigration and emigration, learn all about the changes in the last 50 years and enjoy the charm of everyday Berlin neighborhoods. We are happy to add to our private tours deliciousness made in the neighborhood, Berlin snacks or local brewery products.

A selection of our private neighborhood tours

Below is a list of our favorite neighborhood tours. If you are interested in other neighborhoods and districts of Berlin, just write us.

Kreuzberg - private tour between migration, street art and art of living

2.1.8. Spree & Molecule Man - private Van Tour durch Kreuzberg
You will experience Kreuzberg! Berlin’s most famous neighborhood, for some it was the epitome of Berlin life. The center of multicultural life, former focal point of the May riots between “autonomous” and police, “Little Istanbul” or “Mecca” of Berliner with Turkish and Arab background.

Here like no other place, you can experience Berlins’s authentic everyday life. Besides local shopping opportunities do blossom culinary diversity. Enjoy a walk along the River Spree or the beautiful view from the “Kreuzberg” hill, which was also the namesake of the district. Do not miss it…

Recommended duration: 3-6 hours

Prenzlauer Berg - from the artist East Berlin to latte macchiato

2.1.8. Prenzlauer Berg - Latte Macchiatto
The Prenzlauer Berg is the neighborhood of well known artists, musicians and literary figures. Today it is one of the most altered areas of the reunited Germany. The first settlement was made in the second half of the 19th century, so the Prenzel Hill has lived through all the important periods of the last 150 years: from the times of the emperors, through the “golden 20”, the Nazism and the Cold War, to the present gentrification.

Experience the changing history of the district with one of our guides, who experienced the district himself over the past 15 years or even grew here. Important places of our private guided tour are as Kollwitzplatz, Schönhauser Allee, the Kulturbrauerei, Ernst Thalmann Park, the Berlin Wall and many hidden corners, streets and squares.

Recommended Duration: 4 hours

Neukölln - from the "pariah" of Berlin to a lively alternative

2.1.8. Tempelhofer Feld - private Fahrradtour
“Berlin is condemned forever to becoming and never to be”. This matches no other district of Berlin than the the colorful Neukölln. Within a few years has Berlin’s former “pariah” turned into one of the liveliest and culturally appealing areas of the city. On this tour you will discover relaxing side of the “District of Diversity”.

Enjoy a panoramic view over the rooftops of Berlin. Nowhere is the cultural diversity of Neukölln more visible than on the spacious Tempelhof Field: the monumental buildings of the historical airport stand here side by side with the minarets of the magnificent Sehitlik Mosque. See for yourself how Berlin’s formerly famous, now disused airport transformed more and more into an unconventional park. Leave the beaten track and explore the sleepy Bohemian Rixdorf. Immerse yourself in the busy bustle of the main shopping streets. Finish the day relaxing with a freshly brewed Neukölln beer.

Recommended duration: 4-6 hours

Charlottenburg - private guided tour from the castle to Ku'Damm

2.1.8. Schloss Charlottenburg - private Führung Charlottenburg
One focus of our private guide is the “Schloss Charlottenburg”, one of the former main residences of the Prussian king in Berlin. The castle was built for Sophie Charlotte, the wife of Frederick I, who crowned himself as the first King of Prussia.

Walking through the palaces and parks provides a lively overview of the Prussian past through numerous attractions. Here are some examples worth being mentioned: the new pavilion, the gazebo and the Louise Island, named after Princess Louise, who is known for her personal request to Napoleon to spare her Land…

Of course Charlottenburg has around its famous castle many more highlights that we would like to show you. Enjoy the food court of the KaDeWe, explore with us the Ku’Damm boulevard and its wonderful secondary roads.

Recommended duration: 4-6 hours

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